The Serve

SG On The Rocks
Pour a measure of Stirling Gin over ice and enjoy.
Maximise the intensity by adding a couple of freshly torn basil leaves.

The Classic G & T
Serve a measure of Stirling Gin in a Hi-Ball over ice, then garnish with Orange zest and freshly picked Basil leaf.

Pendreich Sour
Stirling Gin, Pineapple Syrup, Lemon Juice, fresh Basil.

Apple & Basil Smash
Stirling Gin, Whisky or Brandy Liqueur, Pressed Apple, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Basil.

Stirling Snapper
Stirling Gin, Tomato Juice, Squeeze Lemon, Balsamic vinegar, Green Basil Pesto, Salt & Pepper to taste.

The Castanet
Stirling Gun, Elderflower Liqueur, Pomegranate Juice, Lemon Juice, Rosemary Syrup.

‘The SG Smooth’
Put 1 measure Stirling Gin, 1 measure  *Raspberry Vodka and 3 measures of Pineapple juice all into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, then pour into your cocktail glass, place on top a fresh raspberry……and enjoy the perfect smooth cocktail 🙂
* Raspberry Vodka can be replaced with Raspberry or Bramble Gin.

Spiced Winter Punch
1 Bottle of Stirling Gin
500ml Apple
500ml Cranberry
500ml Pineapple
350ml Grenadine
500ml Lemon
1tbsp Citric Acid
6 Cinnamon Sticks
2tbsp Cloves
4 Star Anise
Grated Nutmeg

Add all ingredients EXCEPT the Gin to a saucepan and allow to simmer for around half an hour until all the spices have warmed through the liquid. Once your punch has cooled and been strained to remove spices, add your Stirling Gin. The Slight Aniseed finish in the gin works incredibly well with the Winter Spices and makes for a warming festive punch to enjoy with family and friends!