Gin Pig

Gin Pigs £29.95 / Our Gin Pig is filled with 5cl of Stirling Gin at 43% ABV.  OUT OF STOCK

Or add some colour and have her filled with our Red Cap Raspberry Gin Liqueur at 27% ABV. OUT OF STOCK

Our pigs are hand made by a local glass blowing studio Angels Share Glass.

Each little pig features a cork stopper for the nose, delicate pink ears and subtle blue eyes.

The pig is held by the tail and the drink can be poured through the nose, portrayed by a cork stopper, and then re-filled later.

Following on from the ‘Gin Craze’ of the early eighteenth century when half of the London drinking establishments were gin bars, and later when the aristocracy of the Victorian era had ‘Gin Palaces’ there was a desire for specially made jugs and decanters to display how wealthy the household was.

Many of these were made from hand blown glass and were known as Gin Pigs. Our gin Pigs are also inspired by the two gin pigs on display at National Trust property, Brodie Castle, seeing these two large jugs caught our imagination and our design of the Gin Pig was born.