Our Story

Our Story

Some couples celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary with a city break, a romantic meal or a carefully-chosen gift.  June and Cameron McCann decided to go for something different and on October 28th 2015 they distilled their very first bottle of Stirling Gin.

Originally distilled in a 2.4 litre copper still, called Jinty, their spirit proved so popular that a bigger still was soon needed. Subsequently Annie arrived on the scene, producing 370 bottles per run.

The Old Smiddy

Now, more than 4 years and many awards down the line, Cameron and June are opening Stirling’s first legal distillery, Stirling Distillery,  in the historic building once known as “The Old Smiddy”. Located under the beautiful walls of Stirling Castle, the distillery was built in 1888. Legends tell us it is believed to be the site where King James V stabled his horses in the 1500s.

June and Cameron, along with their team, have built a revolutionary distillery steeped in history and bursting with innovation. As a family business, Stirling Distillery is a unique venture and will truly put Stirling on the drinks industry map.

A New Home

From these humble beginnings, Stirling Gin has grown into a nationally-recognised spirit. In 2018 finally, Cameron and June found a home for their creation. Crouched in the shadow of Stirling Castle, the Old Smiddy on Lower Castlehill began life in 1888 as a church temperance hall – it only seemed fair that it be the location for Stirling Distillery.

During the extensive renovation process, Cameron and June have been careful to maintain the beautiful Victorian facade of the Old Smiddy. The re-birth of this beautiful building included installing a completely modern interior with state-of-the-art stills, bespoke windows & doors. During the winter months a welcoming gas-burning stove will play centre stage. 

Stirling Distillery Today

With a visitor’s centre, shop and extensive wild flower garden, Stirling Distillery has plenty to offer. Gin Tours and tastings, masterclasses, drinks education and training and seasonal events all through the year. Stirling Distillery makes, bottles and labels all of its products on site, by hand, and has an arresting view of Stirling Castle from its backyard.