The Monday Mash-Up XIX


IT’s been another interesting weekend for Stirling Gin as we took our wild nettle infused uber blend to Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, for the Great Edinburgh International XCountry.

The run is considered second only to the world cross-country championships in terms of prestige and with the likes of Scottish athletics golden girl Laura Muir competing we were delighted to help provide fans with a little something to help ward of the chill.

But as Stirling Gin co-owner Cameron McCann revealed our appearance in the capital came as-a-result of another significant coup for SG: “We are delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement with The Great Run Company to supply Stirling Gin at the 10 events which form their Great Run Series which spans the North of England and Scotland,” said Cameron.

He continued: “This all came on the back of our successful appearance at The Stirling Marathon back in May and will provide us with another opportunity to take Stirling Gin to new markets and other parts of the country.

“A huge part of the pleasure in that is meeting new people in different places and helping them savour the delights of Stirling Gin and I’m delighted to say that it proved very popular with the athletics fans on Saturday, once again!”

Pictured below is the natty Stirling Gin pavilion which helped provide the fans with some shelter from the harsh winter zephyrs and as you can see a roaring trade was indeed done!

Pavilion 1

But our glorious leader is, as you can see from the pic below, a keen amateur photographer and Cameron managed to find the focus to take a snap of Laura Muir (in the white top) as she put the foot down!

Laura Muir

However the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and as you can see from our last pic from Holyrood there was a spot of drama when the SG gin wagon got…well…er…a trifle bogged down!

Thankfully help was on hand as the strong arm of the law was flexed and the previously stuck-in-the-mud Mr McCann was soon back on terra firma once again, much to his relief!


But now for something completely different…as someone famous once said!

Write (!) now Stirling Gin is engaged in a top-secret project that involves making use of one of our historic city’s most famous landmarks.

Now we can’t tell you exactly what we are up to, just yet, but we thought we’d share a snap we took while we were out ‘on location’ at the weekend.

The Gowan Hill, as pictured, is also known as ‘The Heading Hill’ or ‘Mote Hill’ and was the site of an ancient Pictish Fort, more infamously it was also where, in 1425, The Duke of Albany and Earl of Lennox were executed.

The Gowan Hill

Perhaps even more interestingly the Gowny, as it’s known locally, is also where the Edwardian ghost-hunter extraordinaire Elliot O’Donnell claimed the ghostly ‘White Lady of Rownam Avenue’ wandered in his imaginatively entitled 1912 book ‘Scottish Ghosts’!

But the really funny thing about that is there’s never been a Rownam Avenue in Stirling, as far as we know, and the only account of this famous tale comes from….yep you guessed it…Elliot O’Donnell!

Now not a lot of people know that!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


The Monday Mash-Up XVIII

Making Sure The New Year Is Even Better Than The Old One

FOR many the first Monday after the festive period is the worst day of the year, as the reality of returning back to work added to the festive season becoming an increasingly distant, fuzzy memory, combine to leave us wondering if the previous two weeks were indeed just some kind of surreal dream!

But at Stirling Gin there has been no time for the post festive blues to set in as we look to make sure that 2018 is an even better one than 2017.

In this respect we were delighted to have a meeting with Maria Barnett, the owner of the super-chic Scottish Woman Magazine, which we hope will prove mutually beneficial in the months that lie ahead….watch this space as they say!!

This fab publication can be picked up in some of the smartest lounges in the land and regularly features such famous tartan queens as Lorraine Kelly and Judy Murray.

Below our co-owner June McCann is pictured with Maria after a meeting at Bridge of Allan’s Royal Hotel. If you’re wondering where Cameron is well…er…someone had to pay the bill!!

But at SG we are always pleased when our wild nettle infused uber blend goes down well with the younger market and we were delighted to find that two members of one of the country’s most exciting new Celtic rock bands, Tidelines, were partial to a tipple of our big nosed gin.

Below we have the group’s lead vocalist Robert Robertson (right) and keyboard player Ross Wilson getting ready to relax after a sell-out show in Inverness, with the help of one of our 5cl ‘ginsters’.


Tidelines were launched in June 2016 and their first single, ‘The Far Side of the World’ notched on the download charts ahead of such mega stars like Coldplay, Adele and Beyonce, in the 24 hours after the group’s birth.

So ‘For Those About to Rock We Salute You!!’

But it’s not just rockers that Stirling Gin is going down well with and as you can see from the pic below rugby players are indeed individuals of discerning taste!

As some of you will know we have recently become the official gin of Stirling County Rugby Club and to celebrate this momentous match-up SG were delighted to feature in the pages of Scottish Rugby’s top mag ‘The Scrum’ and mark the occasion with the launch of a brand new cocktail!

Thus brand ambassador Stewart Patience, with a little help from County captain Johnny Hope (pic top left) launched our new ‘Rugby Rouge’ cocktail and believe us when we say this is one cocktail that won’t leave you with white line fever!!

But before we go, we thought it important to make sure you have another date for your diary and one that will help provide a warm glow on this freezing sub-zero afternoon in ‘God’s Country’ (aka Stirlingshire!).

For on Saturday, June 16, Stirling Gin will be taking part in Scotland’s first ever Gin, Rum & Cocktail Festival at historic Gean House in Clackmannanshire.

Now, for a moment, shut your eyes and picture a panoramic delight of brilliant blue sky, lush rolling pin-striped green lawns, the elegant architecture of one of Scotland’s finest Arts and Crafts mansion, savour the succulent waft of a luxury barbecue and picture yourself, glass-in-paw as a selection from the most scintillating drinks available is set ready to wet your whistle.

Heaven ain’t it!

That’s why we recommend you check this one out and quickly, at , if you want to avoid disappointment….capiche?

Until next week….!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The New Year Mash-Up

 The New Year Mash-Up

IT’s always good to start the New Year with some good news and we are delighted to share a very special bulletin with you as we look forward to 2018.

Stirling Gin is delighted to reveal that we have had our Planning Permission application to convert the former ‘Old Smiddy’ premises in the Castlehill area of Stirling into the city’s first ever  distillery…. passed!

Pictured below is a front shot of the Victorian Blacksmiths, that has at various times over the last 160 years been a church meeting hall, a ‘wireless’ (remember them?) repair shop and of course a blacksmiths.



And it’s fitting, once he has taken a final sip from his Ne’erday malt (!), that we get a few words from co-owner Cameron McCann on our ground-breaking good news.

Cam said: “To get the final green-light from Stirling Council Planning Department that we can proceed with our plans for The Old Smiddy is just the best news possible to start the New Year with, no doubt about it.

“So I’d like to thank Stirling Council Planning Department for processing our application so efficiently and now we can look forward to 2018 and creating something really special in our home city that will also hopefully have a positive impact on the area.

“The Castlehill area is such an historic part of Stirling and I guess it’s maybe appropriate that we are going to be opening up the first ever  distillery in the city up there.

“Everyone at Stirling Gin is committed to making sure we become an integral part of the business community and hopefully a force for good in all the other aspects of the community we want to get involved in and support.”

As you can see from this rear view pic of ‘The Old Smiddy’ our new home has all kinds of exciting possibilities ahead of it and if you look really closely, you will see The Wallace Monument in the distance.

But as you know we at SG like to do our homework and to get a little bit of extra information on the ‘Old Smiddy’ and just how historic our new home is we got in contact with renowned local amateur historian Robin Hawthorn, who is pictured below.

So a big shout-out to Robin for his help and while we’re at it can we salute you on a superb straw trilby sir!


To our delight Robin was able to come up with, as far as we know, the oldest existing map of the area which dates back to 1824. If you look closely at the part of the map (below) marked Lower Castle Hill you will see the very spot where ‘The Old Smiddy’ was to be located.

Map 2


Amazingly the earliest known existence of this building could have been as part of King James V stables… A-maz-ing (!) we hear you say and we agree!

But the other big success story of the festive period for SG has been our ‘Pop-Up Gin Shop’ within ‘The Thistles’ shopping centre in Stirling which proved a sell-out success story day after day with the good people of Stirling…and the good news is we plan to do it all over again next year!

Below brand ambassador Stewart Patience is pictured with our cart, maybe we should start calling him Ernie!

Why we hear you ask…’cos he drove the fastest gin cart in the west!


But with the succulent aroma of steak pie starting to waft through the air it’s time to wish all friends and patrons of Stirling Gin a very Happy New Year….see you all in 2018!

Stirling Gin…..isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Christmas Mash-Up

          All I Want For Christmas Is….

AT last the big day is here and everyone at Stirling Gin would like to say a huge ‘Merry Christmas’ to all our friends and patrons who have helped make 2017 our best year yet.

As you know we have been busy with our ‘Pop Up Gin Shop’ in Stirling’s ‘The Thistles Centre’ and we are delighted to report that things got so busy we actually ran out of Gin on Friday….but don’t worry fresh supplies were soon ‘incoming’ to ensure that no one went away disappointed!

At this time of the year people all over Britain have been out enjoying their Christmas parties and we at Stirling Gin are no different!

So we thought it would be great to share some pictures with you from our festive jamboree, which proved to be a movable feast held at various locations starting at old Stirling Town’s most famous haunted pub Nicky Tams, progressing to the scoffing of a superb meal at Brea, and meandering through several of our home city’s finest hostelries!.

First up it’s time to meet the SG Ladies, from left to right Lisa, Elle and June, were quick to get into the festive mood and as you can see below our beauties like a bevvy!

Girl Pic

Next up are our two grumpy old men and a baby faced assassin as from right to left Cameron, Bert and Stewart prove that they certainly have faces for radio…but which one is the baby faced assassin, we hear you ask!

Man Pic

Anyway, while we were out and about we met many interesting people and also found out the answer to that age old question: “What does Santa do on his night off?”

Well SG are delighted to provide the answer to one of life’s great mysteries and below we are ecstatic to reveal photographic evidence that Santa is partial to the odd rum and coke and that in Mr Claus’ case, the gentleman definitely prefers blondes!!

Secret Santa

You will be glad to know that Santa was happy to be photographed for suitable remuneration and what do you think he said when we asked if we could have snap?

“All I want For Christmas is a Stirling Gin miniature!” & we are delighted to reveal that Santa’s Christmas wish was granted and placed at the bar of ‘The Kilted Kangaroo’ over the weekend!

Well, with the delicious smell of Turkey wafting through the air, it would seem like a good point to finish this Christmas mash-up.

So we’ll raise a glass to you and yours and wish you all the very best for Christmas and hopefully see you all in the New Year!

Stirling Gin isn’t it time you….#GraspTheNettle!


The Monday Mash-Up XV

Shop Until You Drop!


AS you know the Stirling Gin ‘Pop-Up Gin Shop’ opened for business in The Thistles Centre, Stirling, last Tuesday and we’re delighted to report that business has been very brisk to say the least, with on average 150 gin-lovers crossing our paths with some seasonal silver per day!

As you can see from the pic below co-owner June McCann, aka ‘Juniper’, has been getting into the Christmas spirit and with the full range of our bespoke ‘gin-gifts’ waiting to be snapped up it has been great to be right at the heart of the hustle and bustle!


While the SG team have been busy staffing our rather quaint ‘gin-wagon’, (on loan from Candy Cart Can) pictured below, we have been lucky enough to meet a whole load of very interesting people.

Gin Wagon

Indeed thanks to one conversation between Lisa and a gentleman who turned out to be an eminent local historian, we have been furnished with a very interesting Map of Old Stirling dating back to 1820….but we’ll tell you more about that another day!!

We are also delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Stirling’s top hairdressers, Frances Hunter Hair & Beauty, to provide patrons of their Port Street salon with a little taster of our unique wild nettle infused uber blend.

Now being a consummate professional Juniper felt the need to attend the salon, clearly in the name of research, but as you can see from the pic below featuring June and Francis Hunter’s Lesley Price, the question is did she get a snip or end up half-cut?!!


Of course now we are into the final week before Christmas and we thought it would be good to remind you that our ‘Pop-Up Gin Shop’ is open for business every day, from now until Christmas Eve from 10am until closing.

So if you are looking for any last minute presents for those that like to enjoy a unique long-lingering libation, then you will find us in The Thistles Centre, just outside Debenhams, we’d be delighted to meet you!

It is also the start of a very big week for us in another regard and we hope to have some really good news to share with you very soon!

Until then it’s time to say Ta-ta for now!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


The Monday Mash-Up XIV

Festive Frolics

IT is the season to be jolly and at Stirling Gin we’re making it our mission to spread warmth and happiness in as many places as we can as the countdown to Christmas reaches its final fortnight.

First up this week is our trip to the Prudential Insurance Christmas Fair at Craigforth. This is one of our favourite festive fairs and always one of the busiest but as you can see from the pic below we made sure we boxed clever!


Next we were back on the road and heading for The Kingdom of Fife and Balgove Larder, where SG brand ambassador Stewart Patience was on hand to make sure our #big-nosed super gin went down a storm at a tasting that, which as you can see from the pic below, was a visual delight!.

On Sunday co-owner June McCann was on duty at The Inglewood House Christmas Fair. Built in 1901 this stunning Jacobean mansion was voted Romantic Hotel of The Year in 2017 and as you can see from our pic it really was a winter wonderland!!!


But while June was To The Manor Born, Cameron and Lisa were back in Fife at ‘The Plant Factory’ Christmas Fair.

Now at SG we don’t like to ‘horse around’ but as you can see there were some interesting customers down Dalgety Bay way….

But don’t worry there was neigh chance this thirsty looking fellow was going to be served!


As you know Scotland was put firmly in the deep freeze over the weekend with temperatures seriously sub-zero and this threw up some interesting problems when the supply of our favoured Fever Tree tonic…well…froze!


But don’t worry we refused to be kept on ice and the Stirling Gin was soon flowing once again!

Well it’s almost time for us to leave but before we go on our merry way we thought we’d share one other little snippet and say a big thanks to our local MSP for Stirling, Mr Bruce Crawford.

As you may know, recently we had good news when we signed an exclusive deal to become the sole supplier of craft gin with ScotRail. Well this didn’t escape the attention of the eagle-eyed Mr Crawford who kindly recorded his delight at our good news in the Scottish Parliament where, as you will see below, he raised a motion congratulating SG!

Motion Number: S5M-09433
Lodged By: Bruce Crawford
Date Lodged: 06/12/2017

Title: Stirling Gin On Track for Success with ScotRail

Motion Text: 

That the Parliament congratulates Stirling Gin on securing a five-figure deal to stock its craft gin on ScotRail trains; understands that this deal means Stirling Gin will supply ScotRail with 1,000 miniatures per month; notes that Stirling Gin is unique in its use of wild Stirlingshire nettle in its distinctive blend, and commends June and Cameron McCann, the owners of Stirling Gin, on the continued success of the business with this latest venture.

Now you sir are a gentleman, a toff, a scholar and an acrobat!

Until next time #KeepSipping!

Stirling Gin isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

Stirling Gin Set For Express Service

STIRLING GIN is delighted to announce that it has signed an exclusive deal to become the sole craft gin served by ScotRail on the company’s services throughout Scotland and extending down south.

The five figure deal will see the Stirling based gin distiller supply ScotRail with 1000 of their signature 5cl Ginster miniatures per month.

The agreement provides further proof of the dramatic progress that has been made by SG during its two years in existence.

In September Stirling Gin was nominated in three finals categories of the inaugural Scottish Gin awards, including the blue ribbon London Dry Gin category.

In October the family owned gin distillers won The Best Start-Up Business award at the recent Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce finals.

Co-owner Cameron McCann, who created and owns the wild-nettle infused botanical blend with wife June, said: “Stirling Gin are delighted to have reached an exclusive agreement to supply our unique big-nosed craft gin on all of its trolley services.

“It is a real honour for a young business like SG to have our product on the 44 different ScotRail trolley services that criss-cross Scotland and also span the border into England.

“We are excited about the prospect of our distinctive blend, which has as its key botanical the wild Stirlingshire nettle, reaching a whole new cross-section of gin lovers and we can guarantee that the SG Ginster miniature will enhance the enjoyment of the journey experienced by ScotRail patrons.”

With Stirling Gin set to move into the Old Smiddy distillery in the shadow of Stirling Castle in spring 2018 the agreement with ScotRail undoubtedly offers further proof that SG are becoming one of the key players in the burgeoning Scottish craft Gin scene.

ScotRail’s Head of Customer Experience North, Garry Clark, is in no doubt that the addition of Stirling Gin to the respected rail franchise’s premium drinks selection will only add value for its customers.

He said: “At ScotRail we pride ourselves in sourcing top end products to enhance our customers’ travel experience with us and I have no doubt that the positioning of Stirling Gin as our sole and exclusive craft gin does just that.

“We are also delighted to welcome on board a product and a company who represent and identify themselves with the historic heartland of Scotland.

“With Stirling Gin’s new distillery set for opening in Stirling next spring, these are exciting times for the company and we welcome them warmly to our portfolio of premium suppliers.”

The Monday Mash-Up XIII

I’m A Celebrity Get Me a Bottle of Stirling Gin!

Normally we like to regale you with tales of our derring-do from around the ‘Giniverse’ but this week The Monday Mash-Up is delighted to reveal the identity of our newest celebrity fan!

As you know our 5cl Ginster miniature has been proving increasingly popular in his various guises this festive season and right now he is making a guest appearance in the 2017 Ginvent Calendar which is produced by our friends at Drinks by the Dram and The Gin Foundry!

Now we don’t want to make a pantomime out of it but as luck would have it ‘This Morning’ TV legend Phillip Schofield is a genuine gin lover and when he opened the panel marked December 2nd, to his great delight he came face-to-face with the SG Ginster and if you want to check out his reaction click on  

Anyway we thought we’d share a wee pic of the calendar along with our little friend Elfie, who looks like he’s started the festive countdown a trifle early! (get it!!)


But while we’re delighted that famous folks like our new friend-in-gin Phil, are savouring the delights of our wild Stirlingshire nettle infused Botanical uber blend, we’ve hardly had time to…well…er…scoff a mince pie!

As readers of The Mash-Up will know, in 2018 we will be moving into our very own distillery at the heart of Stirling’s historic top-of-the-town area and we’ve been out flying the flag at various events in our new ‘gin homeland’.

On Thursday night co-owner Cameron McCann (aka ‘The Camsta’) was ably assisted by the lovely Lisa at ‘The Allan’s  Christmas Fayre at Holy Trinity Church’ and as you can see from the pic below our glorious leader certainly doesn’t do ‘Bah Humbug’…the good news is he’s also available for panto!

Allan's Xmas Fayre

Next up for SG was our appearance at Stirling’s super atmospheric Victorian Old Jail where Lisa and brand ambassador Stewart Patience were flying the flag at the ‘Jail Yard Grub At Xmas Street’ fair and as you can see from the pic below a roaring trade was done as usual.

Jailyard Grub

At Stirling Gin we like to keep our ear’s close to the ground and we can exclusively reveal that the Old Town Jail will soon be featuring in an exciting major new crime novel coming out in 2018….and not a lot of people know that!

But we’ll finish this week’s Mash-Up by sharing a vision of liquid loveliness with you…the SG ‘Gin n’ Ginger’ winter warmer is the ideal way to ward of the pre-festive freeze.

Gin 'N Ginger

Here’s how:


1part Stirling Gin
2parts Ginger Beer
1part pressed Apple Juice
1part fresh Lemon
1part Spiced Winter Syrup (Cinnamon, cloves, Allspice, Citrus peel)

Add all ingredients (except gin) and heat to allow all flavours to infuse together. Add gin per serve for a tasty festive warmer.

Garnish with a clove studded orange wedge.

As they say in all the best cartoons That’s All folks!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Monday Mash-Up XII

Time To Gin And Bear It

AS you know we at Stirling Gin like to keep ourselves busy and the last few days have been manic by any standard, as the festive season kicked-off in earnest….even if it’s still November…well just!!

So we’ll start our weekly Mash-Up in Glasgow with SG’s appearance at The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair, held at the Scottish Exhibition Centre.

With an estimated   8000 people attending over the four days, business, as you’d expect, went…well…er…like a fair!

Our first picture shows three happy ladies who have just snapped up our bespoke Jutco Gin Bags, stocked with our flagship 70cl big bottles, but who is that cheeky chappy in the background? Well of course it’s the baby faced assassin himself our brand ambassador Stewart Patience, beaming as his SG sales figures start to mount!

Healthy Living 1

We’re delighted to report that sales of special bespoke Christmas stocking have been a sheer delight! (Get it?)

But it was the 5cl Ginster, Highball Glass and Fever Tree Tonic that was top of the festive pops for SG at the SEC!


But while business boomed in Glasgow, co-owner Cameron McCann was at the Hillfoots rugby club to host a gin tasting for 50 thirsty rugby players and as you can see Cameron put on a nice spread!

Hillfoots Rugby Club

But we at Stirling Gin like a bit of culture and we were delighted to discover that the Gents at Hillfoots RFC appreciate their poetry and in fact famously have a fine piece of verse, “At Home at last – We think”, which hangs in The Woolpack Inn, Tillicoultry, dedicated to the club!

And here it is:

Inside the smoke filled crowded bar,

O’ a howf that’s called the Woolpack,

A motely crew from near & far,

Drank well & shared their crack.

The talk it was all o’ the Rugby game,

Played wi’ the ba’ not rounded,

Whose tactics seemed set to bruise & maim,

And here the Hillfoots Club was founded.

Now we’re sure you’ll agree that’s poetry!

Our next appearance was at The Dunblane Hydro where June and Elle were serving a specially created cocktail named aptly  ‘So Precious’ to support Neonatal, Maternity and Paediatric Services within Forth Valley NHS.

As you can see from the smiles on the faces of these glamorous ladies our classic gin-based cocktail proved just the drop!

So Precious 1

The picture below says it all!

Bloody Scotland Cocktails

We’ll finish this week’s Mash-Up with the Princess of the Pop-Up bar, aka Elle, getting ready to serve up….a sight for sore eyes, we think you will agree!

Princess 1

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle?





The Monday Mash Up XI

A Tale of Two Cities (and one town)!

THE countdown to Christmas is firmly upon us and for Stirling Gin it’s been another very busy weekend with our wild nettle infused uber blend going down a treat at events in Perth, Stirling and Calendar.

We were delighted to be invited to Perth’s famous ‘Chocolate & Gin Street Fest’ on Saturday and with blues skies overhead, St John’s town was buzzing with thirsty gin lovers keen to have their taste-buds tickled by our big-nosed gin!

As you can see from the pic below SG brand ambassador Stewart Patience made the day of many when he provided the good people of Perth with our delicious samples!!

Perth Christmas Street Market

Perth 2

But Stirling Gin were also ecstatic to be invited to Bridge of Allan Sports Club for a gin-tasting evening.

BofA is undoubtedly the most prestigious private members racket sports club in Central Scotland and club patrons were keen to make some net gains as they mounted a smash and grab raid on our various Christmas special deals….which you can find more about at our ‘Shop’ page.

With co-owners Cameron and June on hand, and as the pic below Cameron keen to put his back into it, a great night was enjoyed by all!


SG would just like to thank BofA club president Walter McAllister (pictured below with Cameron) and his committee for helping to lay on a superb buffet and for the fab entertainment provided ‘post’ gin-tasting!

Bridge of Allan 2

But not content with one guest appearance over the weekend brand ambassador Stewart Patience took the SG ‘gin-bus’ to Calendar where our unique blend proved very popular at the Spirit of Calendar Mini Gin Festival!

Poor Stewart is pictured below taking a breather after having had to fight of the ladies of Calendar who proved, so we here, putty in his hands!!

Callendar Mini Gin Festival

While all that was going on we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on a major deal that will help provide an ‘express service’ that will help take Stirling Gin to all four corners of Scotland….but for that and oh so much more you will have to stay tuned!!

Stirling Gin isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle