The Monday Mash-Up XXXIV

    Stirling Gin Goes ‘A Viking’

IT may have been famously conquered by the Romans, Vikings and Normans but this bank holiday weekend Yorkshire was the subject of a fourth invasion as Stirling Gin took the white rose county by storm!

As you know at SG we like to spread the good news about our wild nettle botanical blend across the border at every opportunity, so it was perhaps appropriate we went ‘a viking’ in Yorkshire where of course York is itself still referred to by some as the old Norse Jorvik!

So, let’s start this week’s Mash-Up with a case of ‘Evil Eye’! Home to the ‘bizarre, weird and wonderful’ Evil Eye is York’s premier gin shop and cocktail bar and situated in the city’s historic Stonegate area, the venue has quickly built up a reputation as Yorkshire’s home of Gin!

Naturally we were delighted to drop in and catch up with the lovely Katie, as we concluded a little deal to make sure Stirling Gin takes its place among the multitude of gins on offer!

Yorkshire 4

Of course, you can’t leave a place as beautiful as York without enjoying some of the sights and what about this lovely picture of the River Ouse…it was enough to work up a thirst we can assure you!

Yorkshire 6

But while we like to enjoy the scenery the weekend’s trip to the land once ruled by the Vikings was all about missionary work (!) and our next stop was a private gin and cocktail tasting in the delightful hamlet of Kirkby Fleetham in the Hambleton District of North Yorkshire.

The lands of Fleetham date back to before the Norman Conquest when they were owned by Gamli son of Uhtred but post conquest they were taken by a nasty sounding fellow called Odo the chamberlain, while the name derives from a combination of kirkju-býr, Old Norse for village with a churchflēot the Old English for small stream and hām the Old English for farm.

Anyway, that’s enough of the history lesson and as you can see from the pic below the SG battle bus was certainly made to feel to the manor born!

Yorkshire 5

But we were particularly pleased with the reaction to our ‘Bloody Scotland’ cocktail which our group of gin and cocktail cognoscenti found was very much to their taste!

Yorkshire 3

Next up was a Sunday sojourn at ‘The Wetherby Gin Fayre’ which saw over 300 thirsty gin-lovers descend on the town hall desperate to have their taste buds tickled and these lucky ladies (pictured below) were certainly prepared to gin and bear it!

Yorkshire 2

Before we bid a fond adieu to a sun-kissed Yorkshire we couldn’t resist one last snap, this time of the beautiful River Wharfe. But to our amazement although the Wharfe is famous for having salmon as big as 12lbs leaping out of it look what jumped our way!

Yorkshire 1

But before we go we thought we would share a pic from ‘The Stirling Life’ Magazine which features the city’s first couple of gin, SG co-owners June and Cameron McCann and which we would recommend you take a peak at if you get the chance!

Stirling Life

Anyway, after what has been a very busy weekend even by SG standards, the jet lag has hit us hard, so until next time that’s all folks!

Stirling Gin…isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!




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