The Monday Mash Up

 All Systems Go!

STIRLING GIN is delighted to reveal that almost a year to the day after we put our bid in for our new home The Stirling Distillery we have had it rubber stamped and officially gained entry to the building which will soon become Stirling’s first ever gin distillery!

So in short, it’s all systems go!

Of course, as you’d expect, this great piece of news was celebrated in suitable fashion with an impromptu gin-tasting for a group of ‘new friends’ who we hope will help make SG the toast of the east, but more of that later, as at this point it’s best to let co-owner Cameron McCann wax lyrical over these two pretty momentous events for SG

Cam said: “Obviously our official entry into the building is a fantastic development and it’s amazing to think that after putting our bid in on April 14, 2017, we finally got the green light almost a year to the day later, yet despite it being Friday, April 13, we got lucky!

“What this means is that the local contractors who have been on standby ready to get to work have at last got the greenlight to do so and I very much hope we will have some great pictures to share with everyone as developments gather pace, but the bottom line is, at long last, it’s all systems go!”

Cameron continued: “On top of this Stirling Gin recently reached agreement with Min Tin Liqueur of Singapore to exclusively supply  SG to their retail, bar and restaurant outlets throughout the country.

“I am delighted to share that a group of three of their key directors (pictured below), Kirsty Aong, her father and Benny Wong flew over to visit us and take a look at the Old Smiddy for themselves.

Min Tin 1

“When you have guests, who have travelled half-way around the world to visit, it seemed only fair to put on an impromptu tasting which included some of our new summer liqueur range, while myself and June also regaled them with the story of Stirling Gin.

“It would to be fair to say that even although right now The Old Smiddy is just an empty shell, they really were blown away by the whole story of Stirling Gin from the use of the wild Stirlingshire nettles, to the provenance and heritage that is the very essence of Stirling and so at the heart of everything we are trying to build at SG.

“As a result, we have now reached an agreement with Min Tin to roll out Stirling Gin into the wider Asian market and that is a hugely exciting development by any standards.”

But while our glorious leader was playing host in our home city of Stirling, brand ambassador Stewart Patience was busy building our profile at the Durham Gin Fayre, where the SG went down a treat with the 600 plus patrons who attended the three sessions at Durham Town Hall.

But rather than furnish us with pics of packed patrons imbibing our wild nettle infused botanical blend, ‘The Baby-Faced Assassin’ as we like to call him, has provided us with a more artistic contribution!

Obviously, as you can see from the pic below, Stewart was driven ‘quackers’ in the historic old market town and clearly caught out for a duck!

Durham Quackers

But we love the beautiful stained-glass window below and suffice to say, for our sins, we will be back in Durham next year!

Durham Stained Glass

SG were also in attendance at The MacDonald Inchyra Grange Hotel at the Falkirk Gin Festival, where the lovely Lisa was under siege from thirsty gin lovers as our big-nosed blend proved hugely popular with the 500 gin aficionados in attendance.

Falkirk Fayre

But what really pleased us was that our signature Bloody Scotland cocktail went down so well that we ran out!!

Of course, it’s a small world and we were amazed to find out that two groups of friends had, unbeknown to each other, attended both the Durham and Falkirk Festivals at the same time!

What was even more bizarre was that when the twin sets of chums ended up face timing each other, to their amazement, they found they were both ensconced at the Stirling Gin stalls some 179 miles apart!!

As someone once said…it’s a funny old game Saint!!

Looking ahead we have our first ever cricket club gin-tasting at Doune, while we will also be in attendance as one of Glasgow’s top travel agents hosts an exclusive city centre gathering this weekend.

But for now, that’s all folks!

Stirling Gin…isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


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