The Monday Mash-Up

Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics!

AS regular readers of our Monday Mash-Up column will know we at Stirling Gin love our statistics!

So, did you know that it was Benjamin Disraeli, the famous Victorian former British Prime Minister who was alleged to have said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

Amazingly this quotation was attributed to Disraeli by the great American writer Mark Twain, although funnily enough there is no recorded instance of Disraeli having uttered these words!

Yet while that may all be a case of smoke and mirrors, one set of statistics released over the weekend has been music to the ears of all at Stirling Gin!

Would you believe that Britons bought a record 51million bottles of gin last year with sales up by £104million this Christmas compared with 2016!

2017 was also a record-breaking year for gin exports which broke the £500million barrier for the first time with 515 gin distilleries now open in the UK, more than double the number operating five years ago!

Of course, the Stirling Gin distillery will shortly be added to that number and with his usual immaculate timing SG’s glorious leader Cameron McCann (pictured below) took centre stage at the Head Offices of Triage Ltd where he presented on the story of Stirling Gin from ‘birth to bottle’.


A captivated, or was that captured audience (!), which included Triage owner Kate Carnegie MBE, Stirling Council chief executive Stewart Carruth and council director Carol Beattie, listened intently as the Camster provided an address that, we are assured, the great Disraeli would have been more than happy to include in his quote….if indeed he’d uttered these words in the first place!

Moving swiftly on co-owner Cameron’s busy week continued with a trip to Stirling University, where students from the MBA course, pictured below, presented for our Bloody Scotland Cocktail marketing brief.

Bloody Scot Brief

Over to you Cam: “I’d just like to say a huge thanks to the MBA students who presented to us, their work was truly phenomenal, and they were also lovely people.

“Going forward they have given us exactly what we were looking for from the brief and a huge thanks to them for all their hard work in that respect.”

SG were also out and about at our local rugby club, Stirling County RFC, where brand ambassador Stewart Patience and the lovely Lisa ensured that rugby fans had their whistles, as you can see from the pic below, well and truly wetted!

County Fest 2

Of course, the SG staff work hard to make sure that our delicious big-nosed botanical blend reaches the punters that other gins can’t reach and as such it was nice to provide them with a little reward for their efforts!

This came in the shape of a day on the ice at The Scottish Curling Centre, where the stars of our Team Stirling Gin curling team put, with a variety of success, our lads and lasses through their paces!

First up we have Lisa, who was clearly brought to her knees by the whole experience!

CurIing Bonding Day 1

Next is the baby-faced assassin himself, SG brand ambassador Stewart, showing that when it comes to curling all you need is poise and well….patience!

Study in Patience

But undoubtedly the pic(k) of the bunch from a great day out arrived when co-owner Juniper proved that when it comes to ice and Stirling Gin, for her it’s always a case of bottoms-up!

Curling 3

But before we leave you for another week, remember a whole host of ‘gintastic’ gifts are literally at your fingers if you head over to where you can pick up a bargain and make sure that your taste buds are well and truly tickled by our unique wild nettle infused uber gin!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


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