The End (of Dry January) Is Nigh

IF you are one of the three million Brits who is just about to complete a hugely commendable ‘Dry January’ then we have some great news to help you make it through the last 24 hours of what may have seemed like a 31-day spell in purgatory!

But before we get to that good news let’s examine why you should be rewarded for your suffering by sharing the Oxford dictionary definition of purgatory or in gin-drinkers parlance ‘Dry Ginuary’.

In Catholic doctrine purgatory is a state or place of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.”

Of course, while we at Stirling Gin certainly don’t see gin-lovers as sinners, we are only to happy to send you onward to a state of gin-heaven when you emerge from the expiation of your sins!

What could that be we hear you ask? Well at last it’s time for us to share the good news with you, our dearly beloved brethren of the big-nosed gin that is wild nettle infused Stirling Gin!

From February 1 we will be rewarding all those who have thrown off the sackcloth of repentance, and while we are at it we’ll also indulge those that have continued to ‘sip & sin’ throughout ‘Dry January’, with an offer that will have your flabber positively gasted!!

Yes for the month of February you will be able to get our flagship 70 cl SG big bottle accompanied by a free 5cl cheeky chappy Ginster miniature for the heavenly sum of just £34.99! (plus £2:95 UK postage)

Dear brothers and sisters your prayers have been answered and now all you have to do to enjoy the reward of your purification is click BUY HERE

Stirling Gin…..isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


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