The Monday Mash-Up XX

Tora! Tora! Tora!

JAPAN maybe 5,662 miles away, give or take a couple as a tired and hungry crow may fly, but Stirling Gin are delighted to announce that we are about to unleash our big nosed premium dry gin on the land of the rising sun!

Of course, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” was made famous as the 1970 Hollywood blockbuster directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Toshio Masuda and Richard Fleischer, which depicted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor way back on December 7, 1941 and represented both Japanese and American points of view of the attack.

Although Tora was the Japanese code word indicating that complete surprise had been attained,it can also mean tiger and is an abbreviation of “totsugeki raigeki” which means lightning attack!

But while not a lot of people may know that (John!) even less will know that 20 cases of our treasured botanical uber blend are now following in the slipstream of our friend the lonely crow, as we get ready to spring a surprise lightning attack of our own and share the delights of our Stirlingshire wild nettle infused gin with our friends in the far east.

Pictured below you can see the cases we hope will leave our new clientele with a Yenning for more…get it?!

Boxing Clever 2


But while SG is expanding its horizons we have also had to expand production levels to help ward off a supply crisis caused by Stirling Gin’s popularity in our native Caledonia!


All over Scotland we are delighted to report that stocks have been running out and the SG ‘Ginbus’ has been clocking up the miles as we fire-fight and do our best to avoid the catastrophe of a ‘gin-drought’ breaking out!

Below we can see our pal Stevie, the depot manager at the famous WoodWinters Wines & Whiskies, breaking into a smile of relief as he takes delivery of his SG order!

Stevie Wood Winters

The next stop for the SG ‘Ginbus’ was the ScotRail Food & Drink Hub, where we are ecstatic to report that our exclusive deal to supply 1,000 5cl miniature ‘Ginsters’ per month has really wetted the whistle of the rail franchises discerning punters!!

But, sadly, we must end this week’s Mash-Up with a tale of the one that got away!

As you know Scotland has been hit with blizzards this week and even in God’s Country, aka Stirlingshire, we have had to enjoy more than our fair share of the white stuff!

But we were amazed to find that so desperate was this little fellow to chill out that he escaped from the Stirling Gin plant…a sad case of life on the rocks!


Until next time…adieu!

Stirling Gin…. isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!








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