The Monday Mash-Up XIX


IT’s been another interesting weekend for Stirling Gin as we took our wild nettle infused uber blend to Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, for the Great Edinburgh International XCountry.

The run is considered second only to the world cross-country championships in terms of prestige and with the likes of Scottish athletics golden girl Laura Muir competing we were delighted to help provide fans with a little something to help ward of the chill.

But as Stirling Gin co-owner Cameron McCann revealed our appearance in the capital came as-a-result of another significant coup for SG: “We are delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement with The Great Run Company to supply Stirling Gin at the 10 events which form their Great Run Series which spans the North of England and Scotland,” said Cameron.

He continued: “This all came on the back of our successful appearance at The Stirling Marathon back in May and will provide us with another opportunity to take Stirling Gin to new markets and other parts of the country.

“A huge part of the pleasure in that is meeting new people in different places and helping them savour the delights of Stirling Gin and I’m delighted to say that it proved very popular with the athletics fans on Saturday, once again!”

Pictured below is the natty Stirling Gin pavilion which helped provide the fans with some shelter from the harsh winter zephyrs and as you can see a roaring trade was indeed done!

Pavilion 1

But our glorious leader is, as you can see from the pic below, a keen amateur photographer and Cameron managed to find the focus to take a snap of Laura Muir (in the white top) as she put the foot down!

Laura Muir

However the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and as you can see from our last pic from Holyrood there was a spot of drama when the SG gin wagon got…well…er…a trifle bogged down!

Thankfully help was on hand as the strong arm of the law was flexed and the previously stuck-in-the-mud Mr McCann was soon back on terra firma once again, much to his relief!


But now for something completely different…as someone famous once said!

Write (!) now Stirling Gin is engaged in a top-secret project that involves making use of one of our historic city’s most famous landmarks.

Now we can’t tell you exactly what we are up to, just yet, but we thought we’d share a snap we took while we were out ‘on location’ at the weekend.

The Gowan Hill, as pictured, is also known as ‘The Heading Hill’ or ‘Mote Hill’ and was the site of an ancient Pictish Fort, more infamously it was also where, in 1425, The Duke of Albany and Earl of Lennox were executed.

The Gowan Hill

Perhaps even more interestingly the Gowny, as it’s known locally, is also where the Edwardian ghost-hunter extraordinaire Elliot O’Donnell claimed the ghostly ‘White Lady of Rownam Avenue’ wandered in his imaginatively entitled 1912 book ‘Scottish Ghosts’!

But the really funny thing about that is there’s never been a Rownam Avenue in Stirling, as far as we know, and the only account of this famous tale comes from….yep you guessed it…Elliot O’Donnell!

Now not a lot of people know that!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


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