The New Year Mash-Up

 The New Year Mash-Up

IT’s always good to start the New Year with some good news and we are delighted to share a very special bulletin with you as we look forward to 2018.

Stirling Gin is delighted to reveal that we have had our Planning Permission application to convert the former ‘Old Smiddy’ premises in the Castlehill area of Stirling into the city’s first ever  distillery…. passed!

Pictured below is a front shot of the Victorian Blacksmiths, that has at various times over the last 160 years been a church meeting hall, a ‘wireless’ (remember them?) repair shop and of course a blacksmiths.



And it’s fitting, once he has taken a final sip from his Ne’erday malt (!), that we get a few words from co-owner Cameron McCann on our ground-breaking good news.

Cam said: “To get the final green-light from Stirling Council Planning Department that we can proceed with our plans for The Old Smiddy is just the best news possible to start the New Year with, no doubt about it.

“So I’d like to thank Stirling Council Planning Department for processing our application so efficiently and now we can look forward to 2018 and creating something really special in our home city that will also hopefully have a positive impact on the area.

“The Castlehill area is such an historic part of Stirling and I guess it’s maybe appropriate that we are going to be opening up the first ever  distillery in the city up there.

“Everyone at Stirling Gin is committed to making sure we become an integral part of the business community and hopefully a force for good in all the other aspects of the community we want to get involved in and support.”

As you can see from this rear view pic of ‘The Old Smiddy’ our new home has all kinds of exciting possibilities ahead of it and if you look really closely, you will see The Wallace Monument in the distance.

But as you know we at SG like to do our homework and to get a little bit of extra information on the ‘Old Smiddy’ and just how historic our new home is we got in contact with renowned local amateur historian Robin Hawthorn, who is pictured below.

So a big shout-out to Robin for his help and while we’re at it can we salute you on a superb straw trilby sir!


To our delight Robin was able to come up with, as far as we know, the oldest existing map of the area which dates back to 1824. If you look closely at the part of the map (below) marked Lower Castle Hill you will see the very spot where ‘The Old Smiddy’ was to be located.

Map 2


Amazingly the earliest known existence of this building could have been as part of King James V stables… A-maz-ing (!) we hear you say and we agree!

But the other big success story of the festive period for SG has been our ‘Pop-Up Gin Shop’ within ‘The Thistles’ shopping centre in Stirling which proved a sell-out success story day after day with the good people of Stirling…and the good news is we plan to do it all over again next year!

Below brand ambassador Stewart Patience is pictured with our cart, maybe we should start calling him Ernie!

Why we hear you ask…’cos he drove the fastest gin cart in the west!


But with the succulent aroma of steak pie starting to waft through the air it’s time to wish all friends and patrons of Stirling Gin a very Happy New Year….see you all in 2018!

Stirling Gin…..isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


2 thoughts on “The New Year Mash-Up

  1. Ann Lawrence

    interesting to see what is being done to the old blacksmiths. I lived at 6 lower castlehill for the first 10 years of my life we lived with my grandfather William More.


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