The Christmas Mash-Up

          All I Want For Christmas Is….

AT last the big day is here and everyone at Stirling Gin would like to say a huge ‘Merry Christmas’ to all our friends and patrons who have helped make 2017 our best year yet.

As you know we have been busy with our ‘Pop Up Gin Shop’ in Stirling’s ‘The Thistles Centre’ and we are delighted to report that things got so busy we actually ran out of Gin on Friday….but don’t worry fresh supplies were soon ‘incoming’ to ensure that no one went away disappointed!

At this time of the year people all over Britain have been out enjoying their Christmas parties and we at Stirling Gin are no different!

So we thought it would be great to share some pictures with you from our festive jamboree, which proved to be a movable feast held at various locations starting at old Stirling Town’s most famous haunted pub Nicky Tams, progressing to the scoffing of a superb meal at Brea, and meandering through several of our home city’s finest hostelries!.

First up it’s time to meet the SG Ladies, from left to right Lisa, Elle and June, were quick to get into the festive mood and as you can see below our beauties like a bevvy!

Girl Pic

Next up are our two grumpy old men and a baby faced assassin as from right to left Cameron, Bert and Stewart prove that they certainly have faces for radio…but which one is the baby faced assassin, we hear you ask!

Man Pic

Anyway, while we were out and about we met many interesting people and also found out the answer to that age old question: “What does Santa do on his night off?”

Well SG are delighted to provide the answer to one of life’s great mysteries and below we are ecstatic to reveal photographic evidence that Santa is partial to the odd rum and coke and that in Mr Claus’ case, the gentleman definitely prefers blondes!!

Secret Santa

You will be glad to know that Santa was happy to be photographed for suitable remuneration and what do you think he said when we asked if we could have snap?

“All I want For Christmas is a Stirling Gin miniature!” & we are delighted to reveal that Santa’s Christmas wish was granted and placed at the bar of ‘The Kilted Kangaroo’ over the weekend!

Well, with the delicious smell of Turkey wafting through the air, it would seem like a good point to finish this Christmas mash-up.

So we’ll raise a glass to you and yours and wish you all the very best for Christmas and hopefully see you all in the New Year!

Stirling Gin isn’t it time you….#GraspTheNettle!



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