The Monday Mash-Up XIII

I’m A Celebrity Get Me a Bottle of Stirling Gin!

Normally we like to regale you with tales of our derring-do from around the ‘Giniverse’ but this week The Monday Mash-Up is delighted to reveal the identity of our newest celebrity fan!

As you know our 5cl Ginster miniature has been proving increasingly popular in his various guises this festive season and right now he is making a guest appearance in the 2017 Ginvent Calendar which is produced by our friends at Drinks by the Dram and The Gin Foundry!

Now we don’t want to make a pantomime out of it but as luck would have it ‘This Morning’ TV legend Phillip Schofield is a genuine gin lover and when he opened the panel marked December 2nd, to his great delight he came face-to-face with the SG Ginster and if you want to check out his reaction click on  

Anyway we thought we’d share a wee pic of the calendar along with our little friend Elfie, who looks like he’s started the festive countdown a trifle early! (get it!!)


But while we’re delighted that famous folks like our new friend-in-gin Phil, are savouring the delights of our wild Stirlingshire nettle infused Botanical uber blend, we’ve hardly had time to…well…er…scoff a mince pie!

As readers of The Mash-Up will know, in 2018 we will be moving into our very own distillery at the heart of Stirling’s historic top-of-the-town area and we’ve been out flying the flag at various events in our new ‘gin homeland’.

On Thursday night co-owner Cameron McCann (aka ‘The Camsta’) was ably assisted by the lovely Lisa at ‘The Allan’s  Christmas Fayre at Holy Trinity Church’ and as you can see from the pic below our glorious leader certainly doesn’t do ‘Bah Humbug’…the good news is he’s also available for panto!

Allan's Xmas Fayre

Next up for SG was our appearance at Stirling’s super atmospheric Victorian Old Jail where Lisa and brand ambassador Stewart Patience were flying the flag at the ‘Jail Yard Grub At Xmas Street’ fair and as you can see from the pic below a roaring trade was done as usual.

Jailyard Grub

At Stirling Gin we like to keep our ear’s close to the ground and we can exclusively reveal that the Old Town Jail will soon be featuring in an exciting major new crime novel coming out in 2018….and not a lot of people know that!

But we’ll finish this week’s Mash-Up by sharing a vision of liquid loveliness with you…the SG ‘Gin n’ Ginger’ winter warmer is the ideal way to ward of the pre-festive freeze.

Gin 'N Ginger

Here’s how:


1part Stirling Gin
2parts Ginger Beer
1part pressed Apple Juice
1part fresh Lemon
1part Spiced Winter Syrup (Cinnamon, cloves, Allspice, Citrus peel)

Add all ingredients (except gin) and heat to allow all flavours to infuse together. Add gin per serve for a tasty festive warmer.

Garnish with a clove studded orange wedge.

As they say in all the best cartoons That’s All folks!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!


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