The Monday Mash-Up X

Bottling It!

WITH the countdown to Christmas firmly on, production of Stirling Gin has had to go up, up and UP!

So in this week’s ‘Mash-Up’ we thought we would give you a sneak preview of what goes on behind the scenes on a SG bottling day.

Bottle production of our big nosed uber blend is currently carried out in Glenshee and the picture below shows our brand ambassador Stewart Patience, aka Mr Sheen, making sure all our bottles are cleaned to the highest standard.

Bottling It 3

Of course, as they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness and as you can see from our filtration system it is gleaming and in that regard it’s time to doff a metaphorical hat to Stewart (a young man with a bunnet for every occasion!) for all the hard work he puts into preserving the equipment in such a pristine state!

The next step in the process occurs when powerful jets of hot air are blasted through the empty bottles to make sure they are sterilised and ready to be filled with your favourite wild nettle infused big nosed gin!

Of course once all our bottles are brimming full of SG they must be sealed and this is done by hand, as all containers are fastened with black wax seals that make sure all bottles of Stirling Gin are… well…’gin-tight’!

Bottling 1

Then of course our custom designed labels, featuring The Wallace Monument cresting old Stirling Bridge, are wrapped around the bottles, but don’t worry, the gin hasn’t turned to Guinness, despite the optical illusion caused by the reflection of the labelling machine!

Bottling 2

With over 100 cases going out at the weekend it has been a case of all hands to the pumps, as we make sure supplies of SG are despatched, quite literally, by planes, trains and automobiles!

But while we may have been busy ramping up production there was still time for Stirling Gin to attend The Glasgow Whisky Festival!

The event which attracted over 2,000 disciples of the uisge beatha  (the water of life) was held at Hampden Stadium and perhaps that was fitting as our appearance came as a late substitute….despite that it was most definitely a win, win situation for SG!

Pictured below are some of the whisky aficionados we tempted away from their favourite drams through the wonder of Gin!As you can see from our tempting little samplers it is almost impossible, even for a devoted whisky lover, to say no to Stirling Gin…..Stirling Gin…it’s time you #GraspTheNettle!



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