The Monday Mash-Up IX

The Stirling Gin Festival

WHAT a wonderful weekend it has been at The 4th annual Stirling Gin Festival!

The Festival is run by our sister company ‘The Stirling Spirit Company’ and with over a thousand gin-lovers attending our historic city’s Stirling Highland Hotel to sample premium gins from all over the UK and even as far afield as Spain, ‘SGF’ brought in a mouth-watering £100,000 to the local community.

A princely sum which we think you’ll agree is no small beer indeed!

Of course Stirling Gin was delighted to be present and the picture below shows co-owner June McCann with ‘SG’ brand ambassador Stewart Patience during the Saturday afternoon sampling as we closed in on impressive total sales of 60  bottles over the three tasting sessions!

But with  over 100 different gins being represented it really was a case of paradise found for those who are partial to a botanical blend!

From West Sussex we had ‘One’ Gin whose chief botanical was sage, while all the way from sunny Spain ‘Valentia’ Gin draws its distinctive taste from rich citrus nourished by the sparkling Spanish sunshine.

Pictured below is our ‘amigo’ senor Zapater as he prepares to ply a ‘punter’ with his delicious uber blend!

But when it comes to a taste of the exotic we think you’ll find Porters Gin from Aberdeen hard to beat!

That is because the unique taste provided by this toast of the Granite City comes from a spice known as ‘Buddha’s Hand’ and the pic below shows our friends from Porters in full flow as they butter up their adoring gin public!

It would be poor form not to complement Martin from Porters on a quite luxurious set of whiskers but then we are in ‘Movember’ !!!

Perhaps the award for the best ‘taste of Scotland’ should go to Harris Gin, whose main indigenous ingredient is the windswept island’s sea kelp which is sourced for them by a local diver!!

Pictured below, the lovely  Emma Obryen and Emma Ramsay from Harris were on hand to explain process and product to our gin aficionados!

Of course where gin is drunk it is accompanied, more often than not, by tonic and over the course of the weekend a staggering 100 cases of Fever Tree were consumed by our thirsty clientele!

With 24 gin companies pouring over 100 variations of gins, there were just too many to give every one a mention but perhaps the best way to illustrate The Stirling Gin Festival’s growing international status was reflected by the attendance of a delightful gentleman called Mr Anderson, who had come all the way from Scottsdale Arizona, to sample the unique spiritual delights of a gin festival that is now firmly established at the forefront of the Scottish gin scene.

But what makes The Stirling Gin Festival such a special event is that it provides the genuine gin-lover with a delightful opportunity to learn about unique gins from experts who are also passionate about their products, each of which has a fascinating story behind them, in a friendly and warm environment where old friends are met and new acquainatnces made!

And we at Stirling Gin will raise a glass to that!

See you next year!






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