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The Monday Mash Up – VI

Monday 16th of October
Songs of Praise

AT Stirling Gin nothing makes us happier than spreading the ‘Good News’ regarding the unique charms of uber botanical blend to those unfortunates who have yet to be converted by the distinctive taste of our wild nettle infused artisan gin.

So imagine our delight when we were invited to attend the ‘Poetic License Distillery Gin Evening’, for our first ever Gin-Tasting Session south of the border.

The event, which was held in Sunderland, brought gin aficionados from all over the North East of England out in their droves and our brand ambassador Stewart Patience was happy to be on hand to preach the virtues of our premium dry gin.

As you can see from the picture below ‘Poetic License’ make all their gin on site in their state-of-the-art micro-distillery and are very much a role model for us, as we continue planning ahead to move into our own bespoke gin distillery at the ‘Old Smiddy’, under the shadow of Stirling Castle, in late spring 2018.

Poetic Licence

But while Stewart was rewarded by songs of praise from new English converts to the delights of our big nosed blend, co-owner June McCann was also busy on an evangelical mission somewhat closer to home.

Thank heavens that we were fortunate enough to be invited along to ‘The Scotland Food & Drink Show’, at The Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, at which it seemed like the 5,000 were indeed present!

This simply divine event showcases a superb range of vendors from the Scottish Food and Drink Industry over two days which celebrate all that is good about indigenous Scottish produce.

So the opportunity for Stirling Gin to rub shoulders with the great and the good was just too beneficial to be true and June, as you can see from the picture below, made sure that refreshment was on hand for all those foodies who were keen to have their spirits lifted!

Scotland Food & Drink Show

Thus after another busy weekend we are delighted to have grown the ranks of our botanical brethren and made sure that we left their souls suitably reinvigorated…and of course….singing the praises of Stirling Gin!

Stirling Gin…isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Monday Mash Up – V

Monday 9th of October 2017

Stirling Gin: Best Over Ice!

WE at Stirling Gin are delighted to be the new title sponsor for the Scottish Champion curling rink Team Drummond, which also finished sixth at the recent world championships in Edmonton, Canada.

Following the retiral of former world champion skip David Murdoch, the rink has been renamed Team Stirling Gin, in a move that has provided the ideal sponsorship tonic for the new ensemble which comprises of former Team Murdoch members Greg Drummond and Michael Goodfellow and new additions Ross Paterson and Gregor Carron.

As you can see from the boys natty new Stirling Gin curling tops, which have just been revealed, we are very confident that Team Stirling Gin will definitely be the best on ice over the coming campaign!

Stirling Gin co-owner Cameron McCann is confident this will produce a winning cocktail and prove that Stirling Gin and ice is the winning mix: “We sponsored Team Murdoch last season when they became Scottish champions and with David’s retiral we were delighted to be invited to continue that patronage and to become the title sponsor of the new Team Stirling Gin,” said Cameron.

He added: “I guess the blend of Stirling Gin and ice is just the perfect combination! Hopefully our sponsorship of the new rink will make sure that their hopes of glory going forward aren’t left on the rocks!”

But while we have been busy making a big splash on the ice co-owner June took time out to cement another new sponsorship deal, this time of the oval ball kind!

For Stirling Gin is delighted to be teaming up with Stirling County RFC in a sponsorship deal which will see us take pitch side advertising and also supply the men from Bridgehaugh with our uber botanical blend.

Below June is pictured with Stirling County commercial director Keith Watson making sure the club’s supply of premium gin doesn’t run dry…pardon the pun!

Stirling Gin….isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Monday Mash Up -4

Monday 2nd October 2017

Spirits in a Material World

IT’S been another varied and interesting weekend for Stirling Gin, with our blue chip botanical blend making its presence felt in cultural, academic and musical contexts over the last couple of days.

Let’s start with the headline act  which came when Elle, our hostess with the mostess,  provided our Pop-Up Gin Bar at the engagement party of the professional Make-Up Artist and You Tuber Jamie Genevieve.

With over a quarter of a million fans and nearly nine million views on her You Tube channel, Jamie is a young lady who knows what she wants and when it came to that little something extra to put the X-Factor into her engagement party….we at Stirling Gin were happy to prove Britain’s Got Talent!

As you can see Elle managed to get up close and personal with the glamorous vlogger who is also a Stirlingshire lass!


Next up for us was a gin-tasting at Stirling University for International Students during their Freshers Week and we are delighted to report that Stirling Gin certainly reached the parts that other gins fail to reach and sent our thirsty students away refreshed and reinvigorated for the rigours of the academic year!

As you can see from the picture below, with Elle on hand, the young academics certainly graduated from our gin-tasting with an enhanced degree of knowledge of the nuances of the big nose gin!


Our final outing saw co-owner Cameron take our uber-blend to the quaint Perthshire town of Callander, which is known to many as the “Gateway to the Highlands” and surrounded by jaw-dropping history of the Neolithic, Roman and early Celtic Christian variety.

But our appearance coincided with the annual Callander Jazz Festival which spanned the many flavours of jazz from big bands and jazz sextets to the blues, suffice to say our scintillating spirit left crooners and musicians alike waxing lyrical by the end of the night!

As you can see from the pic below our case for consumption was mighty compelling!

Spirit of Callander


All of which just goes to show that no matter the nature of the occasion Stirling Gin is the perfect drink to send your spirits soaring…well…out of this world!

Stirling Gin isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Monday Mash UP – 3

Monday 25th September 2017 – The Sporting Life

AT Stirling Gin we love The Sporting Life and at the weekend we were delighted to take our botanical uber-brew into the worlds of both football and rugby.

Co-owner Cameron McCann, as you can see from the pic below, was invited along to Falkirk FC to make a presentation on the delights of our award-winning gin to the club’s directors before they were able to enjoy the delights of our big-nose gin for themselves.

Falkirk FC

Falkirk FC 2

The main constituent of our unique botanical blend is the wild Stirlingshire nettle and we are delighted to report that despite their nickname of ‘The Bairns’ the club’s directors soon showed that the art of coiffing Stirling Gin was indeed child’s play!

Next up for us was the Business-to-Business evening at Stirling County RFC, where we were welcomed as one of the Bridgehaugh club’s new sponsors by finance director Keith Watson.

SRC Mingle

Pictured above you can see Cameron mingling with some of the club’s key supporters and sponsors.

When it came to touching-down with some of County’s other sponsors and enjoying a bit of networking we really felt that the evening got us over the line and hopefully we have converted some new admirers for our unique product!

But perhaps the highlight of our weekend came at the Scottish Gin Festival, which was held in Glasgow’s historic Trades Hall.

With co-owner June McCann and brand ambassador Stewart Patience in attendance, Stirling Gin took its place with 49 other gins as around 500 of the cognoscenti of the Scottish gin scene sampled, swirled and swallowed!

As you can see from the pic below our baby-faced ambassador’s charms proved equally popular in Glasgow as they had in Perth the weekend before as aficionados took full advantage of our inviting miniatures.

Scottish Gin Festival

All of which goes to show that Stirling Gin is the perfect tonic for the good, the bad and the downright thirsty!

Isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle?!!

The Monday Mash Up – 2

Monday 18th September 2017

IT was a tale of three cities for Stirling Gin this weekend as we mingled with the great and the good in Perth, Falkirk (granted new honorary status!) and our home city of Stirling and made sure we met some great expectations!

In Stirling co-owner Cameron McCann was invited to make a presentation at the ‘Painting Stirling’ exhibition, held at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum and hosted by the Friends of the Smith, with Provost Christine Simpson and Stirling Council Leader Scott Farmer in attendance.

The picture below shows Cameron in full flow as he revealed to the ‘Friends’ our exciting plans for our new ‘Old Smiddy’ Distillery and Visitor Centre located under the shadow of Stirling Castle’s walls.

Painting Stirling

The ‘Friends’ were also treated to our new signature ‘Bloody Scotland’ cocktail as well as our unique big nose gin which is derived from the wild nettles of Stirlingshire and proved the ideal snifter for the attendees.

Meanwhile in Perth our brand ambassador Stewart Patience was educating the ladies of St John’s town in the intricacies of our long-lingering botanical blend at the Wee G&T Festival.

The annual gin-lovers paradise featured over 50 premium gins and pictured below Stewart proved ‘Patience’ was definitely a virtue as he garnished Stirling Gin with basil and orange peel to make sure our incomparable gin refreshed the parts other gins simply don’t tickle!

Wee G&T Festival

Another hugely satisfying and enjoyable weekend turned full circle at The Falkirk Wheel where Cam provided a gin-tasting that proved a ‘spoketacular’ success!

Scottish Food Fortnight

Stirling Gin…the drink for those that want more from their gin and don’t give a Dickens for second best!

Isn’t it time you #GraspTheNettle!

The Monday Mash Up – 1

Monday 11th September 2017

IT’S not every weekend that you rub shoulders with royalty but that’s what Stirling Gin was up to, as our big nose botanical blend went down a treat with the King and Queen of Scottish crime fiction!

As one of the sponsors of Bloody Scotland, the country’s premier crime literature festival, our unique award-winning gin proved popular with fans and writers of Tartan Noir at venues across our home city of Stirling, where the internationally acclaimed festival is held annually.

And they don’t get any more famous than the Queen of Tartan Noir, Val McDermid…who, it just so happens, is partial to our palate tickling artisan tipple which is distilled from a scintillating blend of wild Stirlingshire nettles, Basil, Lemon and Orange Peel, Angelica Root and Juniper berries.

So it would have been, well, er…criminal not to present the crime-writing legend with a bottle of our award nominated premium gin and pictured below Stirling Gin co-owner Cameron McCann was delighted to make Val’s day!

Another highlight of the Bloody Scotland weekend is the annual football match between the Scottish and English writers, which is played under the brooding shadow of Old Stirling’s Victorian Town Jail.

We are delighted to report that it was the Scots, with the likes of crime-writing A-listers Ian Rankin and Christopher Brookmyre in their ranks, who claimed a hard-fought 6-3 victory which left the visitors screaming blue murder after their hopes of hammering the hosts were left firmly on ice!

After he had left the Auld Enemy ‘Black & Blue’ the undisputed king of Scottish crime-writing fiction, Ian Rankin, could think of no better way to slake his thirst than by enjoying our newly launched signature Bloody Scotland cocktail!


But don’t worry our Pop-Up bar was also doing a roaring trade as the mouth-watering Bloody Scotland Cocktail proved just the tonic with fans and players alike when hostilities ended and peace broke out once again!

While Cameron was making sure no one cried foul play in Stirling, co-owner June McCann was busy at the Best of The West Festival at historic Inveraray Castle.
As you can see from the picture Stirling Gin struck the right chord with the band members of headliners Heron Valley who enjoyed a glass or two as they relaxed after their performance!

A busy weekend for us came to an end when Brand Ambassador Stewart hosted an in-store gin-tasting at Largs famous Geraldo’s Gelateria where Stirling Gin proved a real scoop for customers and staff alike!

STIRLING GIN…whether you are a multi-million selling crime author or members of one of Scotland’s fastest rising folk scene bands, it’s just impossible to resist #GraspingTheNettle!

Isn’t it time you joined our journey?


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