Bloody Scotland Crime Writers Festival


Stirling Gin hits the bookworm trail in it quest to solve the mystery of how Cameron can drive round London with his eyes almost closed, but ask him to find his wallet or glasses, now that’s more complex than a Val MacDermid novel!


Stirling Gin recently attended the launch of  Bloody Scotland Crime Writers Festival at Waterstones
Piccadilly London, and we are delighted to announce that we are one of the headline sponsors at the event taking place in Stirling from 8- 10 September.


Not only have we created a special cocktail for the launch of the event named ‘Bloody Scotland’ it will also be available during the festival at key bars in the city, and has been a huge hit at all our events we have served it at recently.
With what’s happening soon at Stirling Gin we look forward to working with the Bloody Scotland team for years to come.


The Bloody Scotland’ recipe is no secret and has already been passed onto bartenders at some very top locations.
It consists of the following….
One Part Stirling Gin
One Part Fresh Lime Juice
One Part Cranberry Juice
One Part Blood Orange Syrup
Mix and pour the above over ice then top up with Soda Water and enjoy!

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