Welcoming our new Brand Ambassador!

This month we are delighted to welcome Stewart Patience to the team as our new Brand Ambassador for the UK. With this year already shaping up to be more exciting and busy than the last, Stewart will be looking after the on-trade and organising events throughout the country. He has 10 years of experience in Hospitality and events work, from music festivals and nightclubs to high end cocktail bars. Stewart says his passion for the drinks industry in Scotland was solidified when he started working in the former Booly Mardy’s of Glasgow’s West End. He has a thirst for spirit knowledge and a passion for making drinks that put a smile on peoples faces, so if you see him at any events near you in the future be sure to say hello!

Stewart maintained his bar and events work throughout his studies at the University of Glasgow where he gained an Honours Degree in Zoology, and throughout his studies at the University of Stirling where he gained a Masters in Environmental Sustainability. He also spent a year working in Queensland as a Scuba Diver by day, and cocktail Bartender by night.

Stewart also says he hopes to see Stirling Gin develop as a back bar staple for Gantries across the UK, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming months, its going to be exciting!


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