Stirling Gin, Five of the best new Scottish gins

Cheers to The Scotsman Food and Drink for sharing the love of Stirling Gin.

The Scottish gin scene keeps growing and growing, here are five of the best new gins for you to check out.

With the news that gin sales will soon smash through the £1billion mark in the UK and the recent success of World Gin Day and the Scottish Juniper Festival, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best new Scottish gins making their mark this year.

Stirling Gin


Beginning life in October last year, Stirling Gin is already making steady progress in the sea of Scottish gin competitors and gaining recognition as one of the best new examples of the spirit around at the minute.

Created by June and Cameron McCann, the gin contains a recipe tweaked until the couple settled upon a blend of locally-sourced botanicals that they say offers a clean, citrus taste with just the right amount of heat provided by hand-picked, crushed local nettle leaves.

Currently their spirit is distilled at Glasgow distillery (home of Makar) but they have plans afoot to move their whole processing back to the town that gives the gin its name.

Rumour has it that Paolo Nutini is a fan.

Recommended garnish: A pinch of basil

To read the full article please click on the following link…

Five of the best new Scottish gins


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